Ducati Museum

Ducati Museum

Ducati is a historical name with-in motorcycling and the heart of it comes out of their factory in Bologna Italy. Fans queue up outside daily in the hope of being able to go inside; the museum has a lengthy waiting list. This is a special place where special motorcycles are produced.

Being a lucky bugger I managed to get inside for a guided tour, so here are my collection of photographs of the museum and also a secret room where only one man has a key and few get to go in, of course I snapped a few pic’s!

No camera’s of any kind (including cell phones) were allowed inside the manufacturing plant or racing department but I can tell you it is VERY impressive, bikes are hand built and made me instantly want to own a Ducati….well I’ll keep dreaming, maybe it’ll happen one day…..

Hope you enjoy pic’s!


Book your visit to Ducati: http://www.ducati.com/company/book_your_visit/index.do



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